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The following are the instructions for practice patients to access their test results via the secure patient portal.  When results are available I upload them to the portal.  On their initial uploading , a patient is sent an email with instructions on accessing the portal using a Super Pin (not sure why it has to be Super) that we give them.

About the Patient’s Activation Process

This is section contains some information about what your patients will do to activate their CGM LIFE eSERVICES account, once they have been registered. You can use this as a reference, if a patient calls asking for help with the process.

When you register a patient for CGM LIFE eSERVICES (via uploading a CCR), an instructional, “welcome” e-mail is generated and sent to the patient’s e-mail address that is recorded in his or her Demographic Information in Alteer Office. Also, the Print SuperPin button becomes enabled on the Facesheet toolbar so that you can print the patient’s SuperPin, which he or she will need to log on to the patient portal for the first time.

To activate his or her patient portal account, the patient will need the welcome e-mail and will do the following:


Access his or her e-mail account that is recorded in Alteer Office.


Look for an e-mail from your practice or CGM LIFE eSERVICES. By default, the e-mail will show the sender as [email protected], and the subject will be “Welcome to eServices!”


The patient will open the e-mail and click the link to navigate to the CGM LIFE eSERVICES patient portal.


The patient will then type his or herCGM Life Super-PIN number, (which was given to him or her by your practice), and then click Continue.


Next, the patient must create a password. On the second screen, the patient will create a password and then click Continue.


On the third screen, the patient will see a summary of his or her personal data as it is currently recorded in Alteer Office. On this screen, the patient must review the terms and conditions for using the portal, and select the Yes, I accept the terms and condition check box to acknowledge acceptance of the terms and be able to finish the activation process. Once the patient selects the check box, the Continue button is enabled for them to click.

After clicking Continue, the patient’s account is fully registered and activated, and the Welcome screen appears. The patient can start using the portal.


To view medical information that has been uploaded to the portal by the practice from within Alteer Office, the patient will click the Medical Data folder. [The medical information is in the form of a Continuity of Care Record (CCR), which includes basic demographic information, a list of the patient’s problems (diagnoses), (current) medications, (current) allergies, and any lab results.]






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