Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines

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The following is a summary from Journal Watch of the American College of Physician’s Guidelines on screening for colorectal cancer.  It’s not a lot of new information.  The main take home point is the upper age consideration for patients who are not at high risk.  This doesn’t include patients who are symptomatic such as someone who is having bleeding.

ACP Issues Guidance on Colorectal Cancer Screening
A guidance statement on screening for colorectal cancer, issued by the American College of Physicians, appears in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
The ACP evaluated four existing U.S. guidelines, and on that basis makes these recommendations:
Clinicians should assess patients’ risk individually.
Patients at average risk should be screened starting at age 50.
Those at higher risk should undergo screening beginning either at age 40 or at 10 years younger than the age at which the youngest relative was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.
No single test is favored over another for average-risk patients, but optical colonoscopy is recommended for those at high risk.
Patients older than age 75 or with a less than 10-year life expectancy should not be screened.


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