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8/4/2009 10:40:32 PM

I have been teaching medical students in a clinical setting for a long time. My friend, Dr. Andy Diehl in the Division of General Medicine asked me to do this a number of years ago.   Usually, they are third year students on their clinical rotation at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.  They come in one day of the week.  My patients are very gracious in cooperating with the interviews and physical exams.  I also take fourth year students.  They are most often from here but occasionally from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, my alma mater. This  is a little more concentrated exposure to the practice since they are with us daily for a month.    The students are exposed to something that they don’t often encounter in their other clinical rotations:  Long term doctor-patient relationships.

Thank you to all my patients who take the time to make these encounters meaningful.  The following are comments from the students from their evaluations:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.  I liked seeing how important it is to establish

relationships with patients.”

” I felt like I was learning the art of medicine and how to do well for my patients.”

“My doctor took time out to teach and let me see patients and write notes.  It was a wonderful learning experience.”

“The experience was excellent with good balance between teaching, shadowing and independently examining patients.”

“Makes me want to go into Internal Medicine”.

“A highlight of the month”.

If there were negative remarks,  Dr. Diehl has diplomatically deleted them.

Thanks again to all my patients who cooperated.


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