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9/4/2008 12:00:00 AM

Finasteride Lowers All Prostate Risks

Reanalysis Finds
Patients may be asking about taking finasteride to prevent prostate cancer, following a story in the New York Times that summarizes the debate surrounding the drug’s use in chemoprevention.

The story cites a recent study from Cancer Prevention Research, which reanalyzed data on 16,000 men randomized to finasteride or placebo for 7 years. As originally published in 2003, the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial found that finasteride decreased prostate cancer risk, but increased the risk for high-grade cancers. The reanalysis found the heightened risk stemmed from detection bias and that finasteride reduced risk by some 30%.

Journal commentators say that, given its ability to reduce cancer incidence and its lack of toxicity, finasteride “should be offered to men at risk for prostate cancer.”

The Times also notes that the drug may not substantially affect death rates from prostate cancer since few men die from the disease.


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