It's Never Too Late To Exercise

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9/17/2009 11:13:20 PM

More information has become available on the benefits of exercise in the elderly.

Physical Activity Associated with Increased Survival in Elders
Physical activity is associated with increased survival among elderly adults — even when they don’t begin to exercise until they are of advanced age — reports a longitudinal study in Archives of Internal Medicine.
Researchers examined associations between physical activity and mortality among nearly 1900 adults who were interviewed at ages 70, 78, and 85 and followed through age 88. After adjustment for confounders including major diseases, subjects who reported being physically active at the interviews were less likely to die throughout follow-up, compared with those who were sedentary. The survival benefit was seen for subjects who were already active when the study began — and also for those who started to exercise between ages 70 and 78 and ages 78 and 85.
The authors conclude: “Our findings clearly support the continued encouragement of [physical activity], even among the oldest old. Indeed, it seems that it is never too late to start.”
Archives of Internal Medicine article (Free abstract; full text requires subscription)
Physician’s First Watch coverage of previous study showing benefits of healthy lifestyle in older age (Free)


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